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The convert closet to office Room now reorients itself to a new deck at the rear of the property. At the other end of the Residence the existing Master Bedroom was converted into the Master Bathroom and a Walk-in-closet. A new Master Bedroom wing projects from here out into a grouping of cedar trees and a stand of bamboo to the rear of the lot giving the impression of a tree-house. A new semi-detached multi-purpose space is located below the projection of the Master Bedroom and serves as a Recreation Room for the family’s children. As the children mature the Room is than envisioned as an In-home Office with the distant possibility of having it evolve into a Mother-in-law Suite. However, the most compelling element that exemplifies the project’s sustainability is that it was not torn down and replaced wholesale as so many of the homes in the neighborhood have.

  • In this new construction, the client wanted to maximize sleeping space for visiting family and her grandchildren’s overnight visits.
  • Ambiance is important too, so if you can utilize a closet by a nice sunny window, that’s ideal.
  • “Requests during the pandemic became really creative,” she tells AD.
  • With the custom, built-in murphy bed, the sleek, stylish and functional home office converts to a guest room in a snap.

If you’re using your preexisting wall color, this will mainly just be touching up where you filled in the holes. If you’re painting with a completely different wall color, you will want to measure off and just paint the top portion of your closet with the new lighter color. When empty nesters decide to downsize, we often deal with their need for a workspace. Before you begin to knock out the wall of your home to create a brand new room for that home office, see if you can save yourself some money. Imagine the possibilities of utilizing a walk-in closet (redesigned and muti-functional) or a master bedroom suite/bonus room for your new executive office suite.

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One more thing you should consider when picking out your lattice moulding is thickness. Our baseboards are .25″ thick, so we wanted to be consistent by choosing moulding with the same depth. The main thing you want to avoid is choosing a moulding that is noticeably thicker than your baseboards. Pocket Hole Jig and Screws – This will be used to attach the floating shelf to the wall. This will be used to attach the lattice moulding to the wall. SOURCEI love this sweet set-up that I found on Nesting with Grace’s website.

  • You don’t have to go to the expense of adding built-ins.
  • 15 tips for making the most of your new, compact WFH space.
  • Since not everyone has enough rooms or empty closets, a great option is to combine the walk-in closet and office space.
  • If you have a lot of electronic equipment, you’ll have cords, cables and boxes to deal with.
  • A closet is a naturally dark space, with little or no access to daylight.
  • Ideally, you could create a functional space with something as inexpensive as a hideaway murphy desk and a chair you already have lying around the house for $100 or less.

We love the look of this pink ombre closet-turned-office, and the best part is all it takes is a few cans of paint. It only took Kaitlin Clark about three hours to transform an extra closet in her home studio into a functional workspace and vanity that’s also 100% reversible. “If you do nonpermanent upgrades, the beauty is that you can switch it around as much as you wish,” the lifestyle content creator explains. After a basic cloffice setup is done, it’s time to take a look at 21 practical ways you can enhance your workspace and make it personal. Not only does this seemingly normal closet open up to reveal an office, but it also hides a bold pop of color in an otherwise neutral room.

Personalise your cloffice

Undoubtedly, I said, this can be a great workspace, but do you really want to walk through this basement and laundry to get here? Without reservation, my client said where do we start? Once the design was in place, we started the renovation. Specifically, to add some insulation and control the dampness and humidity. The laundry room wall was relocated to create a hallway to the office. At the far end of the room, we designated a workout zone.


The most laborious part of the process was applying wallpaper around the space—Clark chose peel and stick, so it’ll come off easily when or if she wants to take it down. “It’s super easy but requires attention and patience,” she adds. “To bring in the character of my space, I chose gold as an accessory accent color and gray because that’s the color scheme in my home,” she explains. If you suddenly have multiple family members working or studying from home, office space may be limited. Converting a closet will give you more usable workspace.

Top 40 Best Closet Office Ideas – Small Work Space Designs

We designed one for our High Park client just a short while back. Construction hasn’t begun because of covid but we are perched, ready to go with all the design work completed. The beauty of this design is that it provides a bit of workspace along with storage. A sliding door conceals the office portion out of sight when guests are staying over. All in all, there are numerous ways to convert a closet to an office.

  • That can be aimed at specific zones in your workspace.
  • She knew I was in desperate need of a spare room that I could convert into a small office space.
  • Once you have the horizontal lattice moulding in place, cut and hang the supports for the desk.
  • In essence, the basement would run entire length of the home.

But no one seems sure about what you actually do in these places. Maybe your dream is really to convert a closet to an office, a practical space where you’ll have plenty to do, no hunting trophies or gingham necessary. It takes a little ingenuity sometimes, but with a clear sense of direction and some design flair, you can have the home office you want. If you have a closet, large or small—or even just most of one—here’s how you can convert that closet to the office space you’ve been looking to create.


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